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Go self-hosted will Install MailWizz on your hosting account, it takes a few minutes to get started.
No more monthly fees, message fees, or fees based on the number of email lists or subscribers.

Here is what makes MailWizz the right email marketing software for you

[+]Full featured: MailWizz is a unique self-hosted email marketing software. It has a lot of features and it is still affordable.

[+]Top notch support. : We go above and beyond to help our customers, even with issues not related to MailWizz directly.

[+]Thorough documentation: Our email marketing knowledge base and community will cover most of the unknown topics.

[+]Developer friendly: You can find many themes and extensions to use with MailWizz.

[+]3rd-party integrations: With MailWizz, you can send your emails using Sendgrid, Amazon SES, Mailgun and much more.

[+]Battle tested: We’re working and improving MailWizz since 2013.

Send your emails with MailWizz and the most popular email providers

ses, SendGrid, sparkpost,mailgun ,pmta,postfix connect any SMTP and send an unlimited email every day

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